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The Papermaking Workshop, Vol. I:
Handmade Paper from Plants and Recycled Fibers

Video Libarian , 2005

"Hosted by artist and international papermaking instructor Catherine Nash, this tutorial introduces the fine art of making paper from recycled fibers and plants. Nash discusses the supplies and equipment necessary to get started, before explaining how to create "art" paper from business paper, specifically, junk mail, paper bags, and mat-boards. Nash also demonstrates how to construct papermaking screens, upgrade equipment for professional endeavors, add inclusions, lamination, embedding, and color and--most alluringly--make paper from plants. (Transforming a stack of gampi bark from a pile of dry shards into a textured, thin-yet-strong sheet of paper takes a lot of patience, but the result is fabulously cool.)... this production will be welcomed by beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Also in the works is a second volume, which will cover advanced Western and Japanese sheet-forming techniques, contemporary studio practices, pulp painting, and other topics." Recommended. Aud: C, P.

—K. Glaser


"Artist and teacher Catherine Nash introduces papermaking in this excellent tutorial, which begins with information on basic equipment and supplies, including a kitchen blender, screened frame, sturdy container, and acid-free mat-board scraps/plants. The enthusiastic instructor demonstrates techniques that involve dipping the frame into a container that holds [pulp]...Nash also shows more complicated papermaking methods, concluding with a beautiful art project. Papers of different degrees of thickness, absorbency, color, and texture are created, and safety precautions are discussed. Labels, title screens, and close-up camera work facilitate learning. Nash/Renfrow's Classroom Papermaking I & II (2003) is geared toward teachers."

—Nancy McCray

Classroom Papermaking Volume I:
Handmade Papers From Recycled and Plant Fibers
Classroom Papermaking Volume II:
Advanced Techniques and Special Projects

(excerpts from a three page review with photos)

"Papermaker Catherine Nash and her husband, photographer and videographer Robert Renfrow, recently produced two instructional videotapes that present an impressive amount of information in the space of only two hours. Both tapes are geared toward papermaking in the classroom (primary and secondary grades) but could also be used as guidance for individuals learning the craft...
Throughout these [presented] projects and the rest, she provides logical, clear, practical advice...and her adaptation to the school environment makes sense....
Nash's direct and open delivery, in which she warmly and cheerfully addresses the camera as though she were talking to us in person, makes the information she presents very accessible. This pleasant tone feels completely natural and unforced. Clearly she has taught this material frequently and feels comfortable doing so....
The overall production quality of these videotapes is high. Close-ups are employed judiciously for showing detailed work....Above all else, Nash presents clearly in these videotapes her knowledge of papermaking and how to teach it. Her enthusiasm about papermaking, especially teaching it to kids, is clear and likely to be infectious."

—Michael Durgin, Editor


"This delightful video clearly explains the crafting of beautiful handmade papers... To guarantee a successful experience for both teachers and students, the video recommends specific techniques for various grade levels, K through 12... Highly recommended for teachers who want to integrate the art of papermaking into the interdisciplinary curriculum"

—Tom Schantz

VIDEO LIBRARIAN, November/December 2003

*** 1/2 [Three and a half stars out of four with four being excellent]
"Host Catherine Nash, who studied the arts of woodblock printing and papermaking in Japan, provides an excellent introduction here to the art of making handcrafted paper from both recycled newspapers and garden or wild plants... tips shared for working with students from kindergarten age through high school. Papermaking can be dovetailed into a variety of classroom lesson plans, including art, science, language arts, mathematics, environmental studies and history, and instructors are advised on how to set up and control a large classroom papermaking session, as well as where to find free or cheap equipment and supplies... Highly recommended."

Audience: Preschool-Kindergarten, Elementary, Intermediate, Jr. High, High School

—Joanne Asala, author of over a dozen books


"In this first video of a proposed series on the subject, Catherine Nash, Arizona artist-in-residence, presents basic papermaking techniques for teachers, beginning with simple projects for young students and progressing to more complex ones appropriate for teens.....as one of the few videos on this topic, the basics are well explained."

—Laurie Edwards, Susquehanna Art Museum. Harrisburg, PA


"Making paper from scraps of construction paper is an easy classroom project, according to veteran teacher Catherine Nash who demonstrates papermaking techniques....The instructor also demonstrates an ancient papermaking process that uses bark fibers and other easily processed plant materials. Classroom management, curricular tie-ins and equipment suppliers are also addressed in this well thought out instructional for teachers."

—Nancy McCray

ELAINE KORETSKY, Paper Historian and Director of the Paper Museum and Research Institute of Paper History & Technology in Brookline, Massachusetts, & Cofounder of Carriage House Paper (since 1975), May 2003

"Catherine Nash has produced a remarkable video that fulfills a real need for graphic information in teaching hand papermaking. Her enthusiastic narration throughout the video will inspire teachers and students to explore the fascinating craft of papermaking and the many directions to which it leads."

—Elaine Koretsky

Artists Reviews:

"It is like a workshop you can take again and again!... For people without access to teachers, videos like this are invaluable."

"I am a self taught papermaker of 4 years. Catherine shows and explains vat papermaking...all the way to dry well made paper....There are many nice clear close ups of her demonstrations in her studio, with You as the student in one on one teaching. In the past I have always used recycled paper and inculsions, mixing with a blender exclusively because of past failures in cooking and beating fibers.
This video demos the fiber issue in depth and it is so understandable, I now have courage to try again! The step by step instruction on cooking and beating of dry fiber alone is worth the price of the video! I highly recommend this for papermakers (like me) who do not own a hollander and want to delve into hand beating plant fibers. My husband has taught art for 23 years and has never made paper or taught papermaking. He liked the practical budget ideas for classroom supplies and he understood the process will by the end of the video. He thought that there was enough instruction in this video to help any teacher who has never made paper before to be able to teach papermaking, and thought in the future he could try this with his 5th through 7th graders...
So if you are wondering if you should buy Catherine's video, my opinion is YES!"

"Finally got to see the first of your three DVD's and it is fabulous! I can't imagine how you could have made it clearer or packed in more useful information. I am eagerly awaiting a chance to see the other two."

Teacher Evaluations:

"This was marvelous! I thank you for being so professional and pleasant... your sense of humor was very much appreciated. It's refreshing to be around an artist who can impart knowledge and factual information on a level of 'common' understanding. You were very eager to share and help out and allow us to explore and enjoy."

"I really enjoyed this course - it covered history, science, and art. I think it could be used in almost any class and grade level as an integrating element."

Kids' Thank yous:

"I can't domo arigato [thank you in Japanese] you enough for making paper with my class and me. I loved making regular paper and decorating it too. During the day, I couldn't wait until papermaking!""

"Thank you for showing how to make paper. I remember that you need to hammer the cooked inner bark and if you want to have your paper white, you need to peel all of the outer bark off. I had fun with making paper and most fun with painting with the pulp."

"Thank you for teaching us how to make paper. I learned things I had never done before like how to make paper, the tools to make paper and the different techniques. I really enjoyed your class and after admiring each beautiful and unique piece of handmade paper you created, I think you are an awesome artist."

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