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Offering a rare opportunity to gain insight into the artistic process, 28 professional artists in their own voices discuss their artwork with artist/author Catherine Nash during in-the-studio video interviews...
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Welcome artists and papermaking friends!

Congratulations! You have found one of the internet's best resources for paper making information.

My name is Catherine Nash and after more than 25 years of making handmade paper, studying traditional sheetforming in Europe and Japan and teaching varied aspects of paper making internationally, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you!

This website is for anyone who wants instructions on making paper: from learning how to make simple homemade paper to information on advanced studio sheetforming techniques.

Beginners, artists, craftspeople, and seasoned paper makers will find this website to be a valuable and educational paper making resource.

Of particular interest to anyone making paper are the instructional DVDs and videos, educational lesson plans, articles, a 50 page e-book on the Hollander Beater and paper making history notes.

Classes and workshops on paper making, photography, encaustic, drawing and more, along with my blog and valuable links on these subjects are just a click away.

Paper making: The magic of transforming plants into paper is enamoring and exciting and potentially addicting!

Smooth and soft to crisp and rattly, the art of hand-forming sheets:

• evokes memories of nature
• encapsulates our ties to history and culture,
• inspires the creative mode
- drawing/painting/casting/embossing
- folding/cutting/tearing/collaging
- cards/poetry/books
- etc., etc., etc.!

Making paper has been my creative muse: I find paper making a media which invokes deeper and deeper exploration.

Explore this site to discover educational and instructional paper making resources for artists, crafts people, teachers and professionals. I'm happy to share with you:
  articles about papermaking and etc. I've written
  ideas for teachers
  my favorite links
  educational workshops in not only papermaking
    but photography, encaustics and more

  instructional DVDs and videos

Hope you find yourself as captivated by papermaking as I!

-Catherine Nash

All Rights Reserved — use of images/text by written permission of the artist only © Nash/Renfrow Productions