Educational Videos/DVDs

Hand made Paper!! It’s easier than you think to have fun with paper making in your studio, classroom, or even your kitchen.

Creating hand made paper since 1982, I have traveled to Japan twice and throughout Europe to research the techniques of paper making. I’ve taught paper making and paper art in universities and professional studios across the United States and abroad. I’ve geared this series of videos to simulate one-on-one workshops viewable over and over in your own home or studio.

Artists, craftspeople, home schoolers, bookmakers or just those of you wanting to make unique stationary, this is the video workshop for you! The Papermaking Workshop Volume I and Volume II are designed to guide you through fun techniques that create a foundation for more advanced paper making.

If you are a teacher, there is a wealth of ways this fine art form can dovetail into your lessons in science, language arts, cultural history, mathematics... A valuable lesson in recycling can easily be taught by using junk mail and other used papers to create new hand made paper. I teach sheetforming, paper and book arts at schools all over the state as an artist-in-residence with the AZ Commission on the Arts. I have had the unique experience of collaborating with hundreds of teachers in a variety of school settings. Paper making is not only doable in your classroom but I have two special videos for teachers to show you just how to do it! Classroom Papermaking Volume I and Classroom Papermaking Volume II.

These videos cover a wide array of paper making methods, techniques, project ideas, and equipment. The money saving tips alone will pay for the cost of the videos many times over. Have fun!

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